Herald column July 13th 2017

Last week I invited the General Secretary of the rail union RMT to the Commons to discuss the latest condition of industrial strife in the Southern region with MPs from all parties.

Herald Column July 6th 2017

Last week the new agreement between the Government and the DUP was put to its first test with the vote on the Queen’s Speech, the Government’s programme for the new session.

Herald column June 29th 2017

At last, after a few hiccups, the Queen came to open Parliament last Wednesday in a slightly ‘dumbed down’ version of the State Opening. There were no horse-drawn coaches, no cavalry escorts and no crown and Her Majesty was able to get away in time for the 2.30 first race at Royal Ascot.

Herald column June 22nd 2017

Amidst all the tragic news of further terrorism attacks and the horrific fire in Kensington last week there was little to celebrate. But the Worthing Children’s Parade is always a happy and celebratory event and it provided some much needed light relief amidst the gloom.

The Public Sector Show 2017

The Public Sector Show is the UK’s largest free-to-attend exhibition for local authorities, central government and the wider public sector.

Herald column – April 27th 2017

So when I wrote last week that I did not know what state the world would be in by the time my column went to press I was not expecting a snap General Election – honest. Now we move seamlessly from County Council elections on May 4th to a national poll on June 8th.

Herald column April 20th

As I write this at the end of Holy Week it is difficult to forecast what state the world will be in by the time this column is published given the state of affairs in Syria and the Korean Peninsula threatening a head to head between various superpowers.

Herald column April 13th 2017

Southern Rail really do not help themselves. After more than a year of running a shambolic rail service they announce that their boss Charles Horton is to receive a modest pay increase to bring his total to a very immodest £495,000.