Westminster News

Weekly look ahead: 10th March

My weekly video - discussing voting against the Government on Huawei, the Budget, constituency events and much more.

Supporting the campaign to close deadly cancer gap

I am backing calls from the Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce (LSCT) to end a vicious cycle which has seen survivability stagnate amongst the six deadliest cancers over the last decade.

Weekly look ahead: 28th January

I discuss Holocaust Memorial Day, tree-planting in Southwick and other Westminster and Constituency events in my weekly video.

Office for Veterans' Affairs

As we approach Remembrance Sunday, I take the opportunity to talk about the new ‘Office for Veterans’ Affairs’.

Weekly look ahead: 22nd October

My Brexit-heavy weekly video, featuring a comprehensive attempt at explaining what’s going on - as well as my eco-tip, a meeting with the new Chief Inspector for the Adur and Worthing division, a Home Affairs Select Committee update and more. 

Backing the campaign to stop delays to blood cancer diagnosis

I am supporting a campaign to reduce the number of blood cancer patients who experience potentially life-threatening delays to diagnosis. I met with representatives from the blood cancer charity Bloodwise in Parliament on Wednesday (16 October) who have launched a new report into the issue.

Environment Bill Reaction

“For those people who are concerned that coming out of the EU might mean some dilution of environmental standards - this is way tougher than anything in the EU at the moment. We are going to be world leaders in environmental protection, and I absolutely support that.”

Herald Column: October 17

So the men with shovels have been clearing up after another Queen’s Speech and all the pomp, ceremony and horse deposits it brings with it. Yet after waiting for the longest time in over 350 years for this one, like London buses there could be another one along in a minute.

Weekly look ahead: 8th October

My weekly video where I talk about ‘Clean-Air Zones’ around schools, meeting with International Development Secretary Alok Sharma and presenting him with the fantastic work done by the pupils of Eastbrook Primary Academy, the climate change event at Ropetackle, my take on the ‘Henriques Report’ a