Westminster News

Animal Welfare Bill: Animal Sentience

I am delighted with the work Conservatives in government are doing to improve animal welfare. We are going FURTHER than EU law on animal welfare.

25 Year Environment Plan to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste

Launching the 25 Year Environment Plan, the Prime Minister has set out the government’s determination to leave our environment in a better state than we found it.

She has outlined steps for a cleaner, greener Britain – with avoidable plastic waste eliminated by the end of 2042.

World-leading microbeads ban takes effect

A ban on the manufacture of products containing microbeads has come into force today – a landmark step in the introduction of one of the world’s toughest bans on these harmful pieces of plastic.

Brexit Update: Refugees and Amendment 7

There was big furore last week following the vote on amendment 7, put down my colleague, Dominic Grieve, where the Government lost by four votes. I have lots of people asking whether this means Brexit will now no longer happen. This is not the case.

Tim Loughton MP Joins the Pact To Never Drink and Drive

Today Tim Loughton Member of Parliament for East Worthing and Shoreham joined with Mika Häkkinen, former McLaren F1 driver and Johnnie Walker’s Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador to encourage people to JOIN THE PACT with Johnnie Walker to never drink and drive.


Thank you to all those constituents asking me to sign the Blue Belt Charter to help protect 4 million square kilometres of ocean around British overseas territories.

Human Rights Day 2017

In recognition of Human Rights Day, I attended, along with my work experience  student from Worthing College,  Samira, the Amnesty International event held at the Speaker’s House, to celebrate the vital work of human rights defenders globally.