Animal welfare & the environment

Action we have taken

Since the General Election, Conservatives in Government have been actively working to improve animal welfare. We have taken action to:

ban the plastic microbeads which do so much damage to marine wildlife

Lancing Beach Green Vandalism

I have been contacted by a number of residents understandably worried about this new spate of vandalism. Last month at least 10 beach huts were vandalised and in one case the gas supply to a cooker deliberately left on next to matches.

Proposed Sompting West Development

Local residents will have heard rumours about plans by Sompting Estates to develop 520 new houses with Persimmon Homes on the land they own on the west side of Sompting.

Schools Funding

Not surprisingly the subject of fair funding for our school in West Sussex has arisen again in the light of recent announcements by Government and the absence of a solution which has been disadvantaging our schoolchildren over many years.


The events immediately following the result of the EU referendum were momentous and will shape the future of our country for years to come.

1001 Critical Days

There is a growing acknowledgement that those first early years of a child’s life are absolutely crucial. Getting it right as parents with professional help and public resource to support where needed has the potential to make a huge difference to how that child will grow into an adult contributing to society.

A27 Improvements

The objective of the A27 Working Group is to demonstrate to the Government the overwhelming economic, environmental and social case for improving the A27 across West Sussex.


You will all be familiar with the publicity about the recent very poor service by GTR which are responsible for the Southern and Thameslink services along the coast and going into London, including Gatwick Express, and which deteriorated particular before and after Christmas.

WASPI Campaign

Changes that came in a number of years ago are impacting on women born in the 1950s and are seeing their pensionable age rise from 60 to 66. I have had a number of representations from constituents and I think the changes are unfair. Whilst I am supportive of equalising the pensionable age between men and women, what I think has been missed here is that these women have been given very little notice of when these changes were coming in, in some cases just 18 months. This gave them very little time to make other previsions.