Constituency office
01273 757 182
88A High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5DB
Parliamentary Office
0207 219 4471
Houses of Parliament, London, SW1A 0AA

If your question relates to a constituency matter please contact me using the form below.

Please note that if you are forwarding a circular email mass distributed by 38 Degrees or other similar lobbying organisations, due to pressure on my office I may not be able to respond to these identical messages directly. Instead, where there is clearly a widespread interest, I will be posting a statement of my position on my website. In addition, this information will also be included in future e-newsletters, which you can subscribe to through my website.

If you have never contacted your MP before, please be aware that MPs are there to represent you to the best of their ability in Parliament and to use their judgement on your behalf to create laws, hold government to account and make decision that have national significance. Therefore please feel free to contact your MP if your query and/or concern relates to HM Government, decisions by Parliament, or an issue of national significance.

If you query and/or concern relates to a local issues, then please be aware the West Sussex has a Country Council, as well as Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council, aka Adur and Worthing Councils. West Sussex County Council has responsibility for education, adult social care, roads etc., whilst Adur and Worthing Councils focus more on planning, parks, housing. If you query and/or concern relates to a local issue please approach your local representatives, either your County Councillors or District/Borough Councillors.

You can find out who your County Councillor is here:

You can find out who your Adur District here:

You can find out who your Borough Councillor here: