Why I support military action in Syria

ISIL only understands the language of violence, so we need - I am afraid - to robustly to counter them on a military level to rid the world of this absolute scourge. So when we do have a vote in the coming weeks, as it stand now, I will be voting to step up military action in Syria, hopefully alongside other nations, including Russia, and with a UN mandate do deal with this evil violence once and for all.

English Votes for English Laws - EVEL is Good

EVEL will make the system much fairer by allowing only English MPs to vote on English matters. That is a manifesto commitment made and a manifesto commitment honoured.

Equal Civil Partnerships - My 10 Minute Rule Bill

On 21 October 2016. I presented my 10 Minute Rule Bill, which garnered widespread cross-bench support, to extend Civil Partnerships to opposite-sex couples, thereby correcting the glaring inequality in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

Why I am against the ‘tampon tax’

In this video, I explain why I am against the ‘tampon tax’ and why it is one of the EU’s worst examples of sexual discrimination.