Chinese Concerns

1,000,000 Tibetans killed by Chinese oppression. 2,000,000 Uighurs incarcerated in re-education concentration camps. Over 7,000,000 Hong Kong citizens about to see their civil liberties and freedom of expression snuffed out.

We need to stand up to the Chinese Government

Herald Column: April 1

It looks as though my ‘Making Britain Breakfast Again’ initiative to bring the different sides of the Brexit back together after the bruising last couple of years we have had may become redundant.  Incredibly Brexit has almost fallen out of circulation as Coronavirus is all encompassing.

Huawei Contract

Having seen the appalling human rights abuses carried out by China - not least amongst Tibetans and Uighurs within China’s borders - I am in no hurry to hand over such a sensitive security contact for our 5G network to the Chinese Government’s front company, Huawei.

Herald Column: September 26

Last Wednesday I joined 248 noisy young people at Worthing Assembly Hall to celebrate one of the Government’s best kept secrets – the National Citizen Service.

State Pension Inequality for 1950s Women - Update

“Look - this is just to say we haven’t forgotten about the 1950s pension women … you know that you have a large amount of support across all the parties in Parliament, it’s just a question of when there is legislation that we can either force some changes through, or hopefully, to get the Ministe

Weekly look ahead: 14th May

My weekly video, where I talk about urging the Dalai Lama to declare a 'Climate Emergency' in Tibet, new tenants in Number 10 and more.

Weekly look ahead: 29th April

A weekly look ahead, with a slightly less busy Parliament predicted this week. I also talk about the social media companies that appeared in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee, an upcoming report by the Children's Society, the St.