Sky News - Public Sector Pay

I discuss the public sector pay cap on Sky News. Whilst I am supportive of removing the cap it must be done in a way which we can afford and not as a cynical amendment tacked onto a Queen's Speech with the sole purpose of trying to bring down the Government. By 2020/21 increasing public sector pay at the same rate as the private sector would cost the taxpayer £9bn each yet. This is a large amount of money and we have to be honest about where we are finding it from, either taxes will need to go up, we will have to borrow more (bearing in mind our deficit is still a cool £50bn - down from £150bn in 2010) and overall debt £1.9tn as a result of Labour's catastrophic mishandling of the economy) or cut spending. Labour have not been honest about how they would pay for this cynical move. Let's wait until the Budget when this policy can be properly thought through and costed. 

A key part of being a serious party of government is using taxpayers' money wisely and responsibly. Piling up debt ad infinitum, rapidly jacking up taxes or slashing spending overnight on a whim are not credible.