New Train Timetable Chaos

I am sure I speak on behalf of thousands of commuters in Sussex when I say this must be the end of line for the GTR franchise. The recent chaos caused by the new train timetables has brought the epic catastrophe that is GTR back in the news headlines. Over the last few years commuters on Southern have experienced a truly atrocious service and this is has to be the last straw.

To add insult to injury, we were constantly assured that the driver shortage had been assured and know we're told it’s the wrong kind of driver on the line.

Any compensation scheme has to be realistic, which means actually compensating commuters for alternative travel costs and loss of earnings, and paid for by the train operators, not the taxpayer.

The Secretary of State should also ensure that he is in a position to take back the franchise after the Glaister review has reported if it finds GTR was culpable for this chaos.