IKEA: Customer movements and Deliveries modelled

Below you can find the data I was presented with during his trip to IKEA Southampton, which shows models of customer movements (first tables) and deliveries (second table) to the proposed site.

The transport data was produced using a survey of trip movements at existing IKEA stores. This data represents an average time of year for typical IKEA trading. The transport review identified similar store population catchments, store locations adjacent to important transport links and the highway network, with similar daily flows, good visibility from passing traffic and other factors within defined drive time catchments. 

The methodology has been used to derive the trips generated by the proposed new IKEA store at New Monks Farm and is included in the Transport Assessment. It is in-keeping with the assessments produced for other IKEA developments around the UK, including Sheffield (opened September 2017) and Exeter (opening May 2018).

In terms of car occupancy , it based on average occupancy of 1.83 per car during Monday to Friday and 1.93 per car on Saturday which is reflective of surveys. While no survey was completed for a Sunday , it assumed that similar traffic movements would occur, albeit within the shorter trading hours of 10am- 4pm.