Latest Herald Column - 25 February 2016

The big news of the week has of course been the launch of the Referendum campaign ahead of the vote on June 23rd. I made my position clear in a 2700 word open letter to constituents which I placed on my website over the weekend once the details were clear. 

I'm voting Leave to have an independent and positive future

I am going to Vote Leave so that we can have an independent and positive future, where politicians are accountable to people in the UK and can decide how best to spend money in the interest of British people, and so that we can trade with people around the world, be outward looking, and not held back by the many regulations and restrictions of the EU.

House of Commons - WASPI Debate

Following today's debate, I hope the Government can open up a dialogue with WASPI because we are talking about real women facing real hardship, after hard working lives doing the sort of things we encourage our constituents to do every day of the week

Is the “UK Settlement” an EU Fresh Start?

Whilst we recognise the huge effort the Prime Minister has put into the renegotiation, we are disappointed that his fellow European leaders did not take this opportunity to make the reforms that Europe so desperately needs. Alas, we do not believe that the deal finally offered by our European partners is one we can support as the basis for our continued membership of the EU.

EU Referendum Declaration

For the past few months many of you have asked repeatedly how I will vote in the EU referendum. My response enigmatically perhaps, but accurately, has been ‘hopefully to remain but probably to leave.’ Having reserved my counsel until the details of what we will actually be voting on have been made clear, my ‘status’ has now changed to ‘regretfully not to remain, definitely to leave.’