Women State Pension Inequality

Changes that came in a number of years ago are impacting on women born in the 1950s and are seeing their pensionable age rise from 60 to 66. 

I have had a number of representations from constituents and I think the changes are unfair. Whilst I am supportive of equalising the pensionable age between men and women, what I think has been missed here is that these women have been given very little notice of when these changes were coming in, in some cases just 18 months. This gave them very little time to make other previsions. 

There could be up to a million women who are affected by these changes. In the past, Ministers indicated that there would be transitional relief for these women, yet none has been forthcoming. 

Many women are now coming up to what they thought would be their retirement age, only to find out that they will be required to work another six years. 

You can keep up to date with the work of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on State Pension Inequality for Women here: http://www.waspi-appg.org.uk/

You can read the minutes of the latest APPG meeting here: http://www.waspi-appg.org.uk/?p=186

You can read the APPG report here: http://www.waspi-appg.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Consultation_final-1.pdf


APPG on State Pension Inequality for Women: 25 April 2018 Meeting Statement

On 25 April 2018 a meeting was held between State Pension Inequality for Women APPG Officers and representatives from each of the groups that responded to the recent consultation (one representative per group, and in the case of WASPI one representative at national level and not one from each of

WASPI Update

I wanted to provide an update on three important WASPI topics:

1) WASPI survey

Pension Bill Consultation Launch

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on State Pension Inequality for Women wants to identify a solution that will address the ongoing concerns raised by groups representing 1950s born women affected by state pension changes.

WASPI motion - Passed!

I voted in favour of a motion in Parliament to give 1950's WASPI women better transitional arrangements. Whilst the motion was passed, I am afraid, it is not a binding motion on the Government. However it does keep the pressure on and the issue alive.

WASPI Update

My latest update on WASPI where I explain what exactly the WASPI Bill is, which a number of cross-party MPs recently submitted and will be debated in the coming months. 


Delighted to have handed in cross-party #Waspi APPG Bill with colleagues yesterday. The Bill is being presented today. The fight continues #NotGoingAway.

House of Commons - DWP Questions - WASPI

I asked the Minister about his odd comments on apprenticeships for 60 year old and encouraged him to meet the WASPI women as soon as possible to find how we can fund transitional measures and what they might look like.

Westminster Hall - WASPI Debate

As co-chair of the soon to be re-established All-Party Parliamentary Group for WASPI, I took part in today's packed Westminster Hall debate on #WASPI. The sheer number of MPs present is a sign of the growing strength of the campaign.

WASPI Pledge

I pledge to continue supporting #WASPI women and working in Parliament to find a solution for the millions of women affected #WASPIpledge

WASPI Demonstration 2017

Delighted to speak WASPI demo this afternoon with colleagues from across the political divide, including fellow Conservatives, Labour, SNP and others. There was a great turnout from women who had come from all corners of the United Kingdom.