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Children’s safety at risk from wildly varying system of social care

An inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children, suggests children’s safety is being put at risk by a system of social care that varies wildly from place to place, and where children must often reach grave danger before getting any help at all.

Brexit’s coming home? - initial response to Chequer's agreement

Once a week, usually on a Wednesday at 5pm, the 1922 Committee of Conservative MPs meets in Committee Room 14 at the House of Commons. After discussing the upcoming business of the House we usually have a cabinet minister to talk us through topical legislation and take friendly fire.

Taking back control of our waters

Today, the Government set out its plan for how the UK will take back control of our waters and ensure stocks are fished sustainably.

Supreme Court finds in favour of equal civil partnerships

I am delighted the Supreme Court have ruled in favour of Charles and Rebecca and in favour of equality. 

Charles and Rebecca have fought hard and long to get to this point and the Government could and should have acted a long time ago. 

Happy 70th Birthday to our NHS

This year we’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of our NHS!

The government has committed to a significant increase in funding to the NHS.

£20 million investment to help tackle loneliness

As part of our plans to build a more caring society we will announce a £20 million investment to help tackle loneliness, building on Jo Cox’s legacy and helping charities fight social isolation.