Child Sexual Exploitation - Prime Minister Questions

As Home Secretary, the Prime Minister was one of the first to appreciate the alarming extent of child sexual exploitation. She responded to calls from many, including from me when I was Children's Minister, to set up the historic abuse inquiry.

Brexit Position Paper 10: The exchange and protection of personal data

As the UK and the EU build a new, deep and special partnership, it is essential that we agree a UK-EU model for protecting and exchanging personal data which allows free flows of data to continue between the EU and UK, and provides for ongoing regulatory cooperation and certainty for businesses a

Brexit Position Paper 7: Confidentiality and access to documents

This paper states that the UK recognises the importance of continuing to respect obligations of confidentiality and to protect information exchanged while it was a Member State, and that arrangements agreed with respect to confidentiality and the handling of information produced while it was a Me