Act 4 Clean Air

Together with colleagues from across the political divide, I'm calling on the Government to include a 'Clean Air Bill' in the Queen's Speech - as part of the 'Clean Air for All' Campaign.

Weekly look ahead: 1st October

My weekly video where I talk about the increasingly unpleasant tone and ugliness of debate in the House of Commons and across the country - of course not helped by a Labour MP, Ian Lavery, saying he wanted me “kicked out like a dog in the night” at a recent Labour Party event in Shoreham.

Herald Column: September 26

Last Wednesday I joined 248 noisy young people at Worthing Assembly Hall to celebrate one of the Government’s best kept secrets – the National Citizen Service.

Worthing Theatres and Museum

From outside the Worthing Museum with Dan Humphreys – leader of Worthing Council - to address some of the scare-stories that have been doing the rounds regarding the Worthing theatres and museums.

Weekly look ahead: 23rd September

My weekly look ahead video featuring Councillor Andy McGregor in Lancing. I discuss the Talent Within You presentation, the NCS - National Citizen Service graduation ceremony in Worthing, as well as Brexit updates and other constituency events.

Herald Column: September 19th

Apologies for the absence of my column last week. With all the drama of the last day before prorogation and a lively 2am finish in the Commons I completely forgot my deadlines.

Weekly look ahead: 16th September

From Shoreham - my weekly video. I’ve been out delivering my ‘What’s he up to’ newspaper across the constituency. I also talk about prorogation, the chances of a new Brexit deal, the National Citizen Service and other constituency events.

What's he up to?

Throughout the next few weeks you will be receiving my report - a newspaper full of local and national news. Should you have misplaced or not received your hard copy yet - you can download via the attachment below. 

Weekly look ahead: 10th September

“When a Government cannot get its business through Parliament, when the Government cannot deliver on Brexit because the majority of the MPs in the House of Commons (contrary to what their constituents voted for in the referendum) are constantly frustrating the Brexit process, then in normal circu