Labour cannot be trusted to run our NHS. Hospitals around the country are still saddled with PFI debt that was used by the last Labour Government to hide borrowing from the public.

The Climate Emergency

“Since 2010 the amount of energy being produced from renewable sources has gone up from 6% to more than 37%”

Talking about environmental best practice, renewable energy, the climate emergency and more from Lancing Beach.

Equal Civil Partnerships

Today - Monday 2nd December - is the first day that mixed-sex couples in England and Wales can choose to enter into Civil Partnerships. There are 3.3million cohabiting couples in the UK and the Government estimates there could be up to 84,000 ceremonies in the first year.

Lancing High Street Regeneration

Talking tax and regeneration in Lancing High Street - there’s a fantastic community in Lancing and we need a high street that reflects that.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse and sexual abuse are a serious scourge in our society - 35% of domestic abuse starts when a woman is pregnant, and conviction figures for rape in this country are woefully low. We need to do much more to combat this societal evil.


With the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and Al the fisherman on East Worthing seafront - talking fish and the opportunities for the fishing industry when we leave the EU.

School Funding

Talking about school funding outside Chesswood School - my number 1 issue at this election. Every primary school in East Worthing and Shoreham will get at least £3750 per pupil funding next year, rising to £4000, and every secondary school will get at least £5000 per pupil from next year.

Campaign Update

A campaign update with two and a half weeks until election day - the weather hasn’t always been ideal - but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to people on the doorstep and I’m looking forward to the upcoming hustings.

Knife Crime

Welcoming the additional 200 police officers we’ll recruit in Sussex in each of the next 4 years - and also discussing knife crime.

A27 Pledges

Talking about road safety and improvements by the A27 - discussing bridges, funding, the bypass and IKEA.