Sky News - Abu Zakariya al Britani - 22-02-2017

A British man said by Islamic State to have detonated a suicide bomb attacking Iraqi forces in Mosul is former Guantanamo Bay detainee Ronald Fiddler.

IS named the bomber as Abu Zakariya al Britani, and claimed the vehicle he was in had exploded in Tal Kisum village, south of Mosul.

Channel 4 - Domestic Violence - 18-02-2017

Theresa May has vowed to bring in new laws to improve the way domestic abuse cases are dealt with, and to end the postcode lottery in the support survivors receive. It’ll be a personal priority, the prime minister has declared.

BBC South East - Southern Rail legal action

Responding to Southern's decision to take further legal action to stop the RMT and ASLEF's unnecessary strike action, I said that GTR had an obligation to their customers to ensure the service is operating and so it is entirely appropriate for GTR to take any action, including legal action, to br

BBC South East Today - Calais Border

I responded yesterday to the Prime Minister's claim that voting for Brexit would result in migrant camps like "the Jungle" in Calais moving to southern England has provoked quite the backlash. The two things - the EU and the Treaty of Le Touqet - are just not linked. So let's concentrate on the facts and let's have a rational debate about what should happen. 

Daily Politics - Google and Tax Avoidance

It was welcome news over the weekend that Google are paying more tax on their past profits. It is a success, it is progress, but it is only the start of progress.