Report Unnecessary Road Closures to Me

Yet again the A27 is in the news. There have been incessant disruptions, partial closures and full closures including most seriously the recent major crash we had on the Shoreham flyover, which was so severe the engine of the vehicle that hit the barrier actually came free from the car. This crash has meant the slip road needed to be closed, awaiting new railings being made. I got them to accelerate the time this will take, and I am hoping it will be done imminently.

What I am more angry about though are the regular ad hoc closures, often down to utility companies such as Southern Water, for so-called emergency repairs. They have emergency powers to close roads, but I have queried Southern Water on some recent closures and found out they have been nothing of the sort.

So I am launching a campaign to combat these unnecessary roadwork lane closures, including on the A27. If you see roadworks where no work is going on, or where there is not a clear need for a road closure please let me know on

People have had enough of unnecessary traffic disruption and so I will be holding the utility companies doing the roadworks, and the county council who approve them, to account.

This could become something of an obsession!