National vaccination letters

People in West Sussex are starting to receive letters offering them the opportunity to book a vaccination appointment at a large vaccination centre or a local pharmacy service.
We recognise that these letters are causing confusion and we want to provide a simple summary of how people can receive their vaccination and the purpose of these letters.
In West Sussex, people in the eligible groups are able to receive their vaccination at either a GP led or local vaccination service, a larger vaccination centre such as the Brighton Centre which went live this week, a local pharmacy service, or a roving service which is visiting care homes and those who are housebound.
All of these services are working alongside each other and provide people with choice to decide where they would like to receive their vaccination.
GP led or local vaccination services are contacting patients directly by phone, text or letter to book an appointment. People will also be contacted directly if they are housebound and not able to access a service.
Appointments at the larger vaccination centres and local pharmacy services are available through a national booking system and the letters set out how you can access this – both through a website and a phone line.
The letters are being sent to anyone in the eligible priority groups who live in a 60 mile radius from a vaccination centre or a local pharmacy service. It is important to say that this is not just in Sussex and if you live in proximity to a vaccination centre or pharmacy in Hampshire, Kent or Surrey, you are able to book for these and have your vaccination there.
If you have received a letter, you can either use the national booking system to arrange an appointment at a large vaccination centre or pharmacy, or you can leave the letter and you will continue to be contacted by your GP led or local vaccination service (supported by your GP practice) to arrange an appointment.