Boundary Commission Proposals Survey

The Boundary Commission is currently revising constituency boundaries and their final proposals have to be approved by Parliament by July of next year and are likely to come into effect for the next General Election. Last year they produced some quite substantial changes for West Sussex to reflect the need for an additional seat given the growing population, which is proposed to straddle the West/East Sussex border.

The final consultation on these proposals closes on the Monday December 5th so there is very little time to have your say left. 

I have set out my detailed concerns and counter proposals here and I would urge you to look at them and if you share my view make a submission to the Boundary Commission, which you can do online here - South East | BCE Consultation Portal (

Your submission doesn’t need to be detailed or technical, but it will count. I will be making my own submission and I would like to reflect as many local people’s views as possible. I have therefore compiled a very short questionnaire which you can fill in below and I would urge you to do that in the next few days please.

Many thanks for your help.

Boundary Commission Proposals Survey

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Which of the following issues are important to you?
Do you feel closer to communities like Shoreham or Lancing in the east of the county or Petworth and Midhurst in the west?
eg communities like Shoreham and Lancing
eg communities like Petworth and Midhurst