Situation in Aleppo - September 2016

While a Cessation of Hostilities agreement in February initially held better than many expected, the escalation of violence over the last few months, especially around Aleppo, has been an appalling breach of the agreement. The Government repeatedly urged Russia in particular to use its influence with the Assad regime, which is responsible for the majority of the violations, to help bring about an end to the bombing of medical facilities and an end to attacks on civilians.
I welcome the agreement that the US and Russia have reached to restore the Cessation of Hostilities and humanitarian access in Syria. I hope this agreement will begin to unlock the flow of desperately-needed aid to Syria's people, particularly in and around Aleppo, and that it will create the necessary space for a credible political process based on the Geneva Communique. The UN reports that up to 300,000 people are trapped in Aleppo, with humanitarian assistance largely unable to get in. The UN and humanitarian partners have prepositioned some food supplies and rationing of supplies has begun. However further life-saving aid is needed urgently.
I can assure you that the UK is at the forefront of the humanitarian response to the Syria crisis more generally, having pledged over £2.3 billion to date, our largest ever response to a humanitarian crisis.