SCAM Advice

You can check GOV.UK for information on how to recognise genuine HMRC contact and how to avoid and report scams


According to Which?, scams are among the most prevalent types of crime in the UK, and coronavirus is creating a perfect environment for fraudsters to thrive.

I have been alerted to a possible email scam - regarding 'Face masks and self-test kits from China'. 

A template email is:


Good day.

Due to the cornonavirus spared over the worldwide, as the necessary protection that we could provide the Face mask, surgical mask, N95 breathing mask, IR thermometer, disposable gown and COVID-19 test kit.

With CE, NIOSH, FDA certificates.

The goods are available immediately shipment.
If you are interested in, I'll send you our catalogue.
Thanks for your valuable time.

Best Regards,


Below, I have attached 2 documents to give you guidance and information about how you can avoid being scammed and what to look out for 


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