Herald column March 9th 2017

Last Friday was a big day for not only the families of the victims of the Shoreham Air Show tragedy but also the whole of the local community who had so openly stood shoulder to shoulder with them in grief and empathy.

Children and Social Work Bill - Refugee Amendment

When the Government announced that no further child refugees would be brought over under the Dubs Scheme, we were deeply disappointed. We did not accept that there was only room for 400 vulnerable children, not when there are 217 local authorities with responsibility for safeguarding children.

WASPI Demonstration 2017

Delighted to speak WASPI demo this afternoon with colleagues from across the political divide, including fellow Conservatives, Labour, SNP and others. There was a great turnout from women who had come from all corners of the United Kingdom.

House of Commons - Child and Social Work Bill - 07-03-2017

Having had experience of children’s Bills over the past 15 years or so, I find it interesting that they have a propensity to be hijacked by things not present on Second Reading that then become the headline in the final stages.