Clause 37 Brexit Bill Explained

Last week the Brexit Bill finished its stages in the House of Commons - with a 99 majority - and will now move to the House of Lords before becoming law and enabling us to leave the EU at the end of  this month with a deal. Getting Brexit done.

Weekly look ahead: 13th January

From Westminster Hall - my weekly video where I talk about works on the A259, discussions with all other West Sussex MPs, a meeting with Tom Willis from Shoreham Port and Tim Dapling from the IFCA, and a repeated plea for constituents to come and visit Parliament for a tour before we get evacuate

Clause 37 of the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

A few constituents have contacted me following the vote on Clause 37 of the EU Withdrawal Bill last night - focussing on family reunion for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

Weekly look ahead: 7th January

My first weekly video of the year - talking about the Brexit Bill, the situation with Iran, the Australian bushfires, plus constituency issues and surgery details.

For details of where you can donate for the Australian Bushfires, I have included a few links below: 

Herald Column: December 19

It’s safe to come out from behind your sofa at last – the election campaign is over. No more damp and frozen strangers with rosettes knocking on your door after dark or trying to thrust soggy leaflets through those annoyingly challenging letterboxes with brushes.

Weekly look ahead: 16th December

Back in Parliament with my first weekly video since the election - thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and thank you to all the other candidates for a well-mannered and respectful campaign.

General Election 2019 Recap

As we approach the end of the election campaign I just wanted to thank all the thousands of constituents who have engaged so positively over recent weeks - and here’s a recap of what’s at stake on Thursday.

Why I voted to Leave

From the Hustings last Monday - why I voted to leave the EU, and why we need to get Brexit done.

Homelessness and Housing

Talking about Homelessness and Housing on Lyndhurst Road in Worthing - a fantastic Turning Tides project.

Mental Health

Discussing Mental Health outside Corner House in Southwick - an issue that hasn’t featured too heavily in the election, but it is one that is incredibly important to all of us.