Herald Column: April 23

Happy St George’s Day and two days late, Happy 94th Birthday to Her Majesty the Queen. It is important in these turbulent times to retain as much continuity as possible.

Weekly look ahead: 22nd April

Discussing a (virtual) return to Parliament, meetings with Care Homes and Councillors and more in my weekly video.

Weekly look ahead: 16th April

My weekly video, again dominated by Coronavirus. I discuss the fantastic local volunteering schemes, the positive changes to the Job Retention Scheme eligibility and my discussions with care home providers regarding PPE levels and many other issues.

Herald Column: April 16

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ The opening lines of Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities could be applied to the current nightmare we are living through.

Herald Column: April 9

It seems slightly surreal writing my regular column for the Herald at the moment when as I write we are still reeling from the shocking news about our Prime Minister in intensive care at St Thomas’s Hospital and the country remains in a state of unparalleled lockdown.

Weekly look ahead: 7th April

My weekly video - reflecting on the shocking news that Boris Johnson is in intensive care in London and sending my thoughts and prayers to the Prime Minister and his family.


Herald Column: April 2

It looks as though my ‘Making Britain Breakfast Again’ initiative to bring the different sides of the Brexit back together after the bruising last couple of years we have had may become redundant.  Incredibly Brexit has almost fallen out of circulation as Coronavirus is all encompassing.

Weekly look ahead: 1st April

My weekly video from Worthing Hospital car park, the location of ‘Shopital’. Thank you so much to all our volunteers, to Focus in Shoreham who have been providing ready meals, Andy Sparsis and his fresh pasta, Truffles and their mounds of bread and loads of other people.

Herald Column: March 26

As I write this column I am juggling with a surge of queries by email and Facebook about everything from rescuing constituents on a cruise ship in Australia to how many times they can walk their dog to whether a window fitter is deemed to be an essential occupation.

Weekly look ahead: 24th March

I'll be posting as much information and guidance on here throughout these challenging times as I can - here is my latest video talking through the Coronavirus Bill, addressing some FAQs and general guidance. As always, follow the expert advice and stay safe.