World AIDS Days 2017

On the 30th #WorldAIDSDay , I was proud to wear the red ribbon in support of everyone living with HIV. It was great to see the #AIDSQuiltUK display in Westminster Hall.

Shoreham Fort - Vandalism

As some of you may have seen for yourselves, Shoreham Fort has been beset by vandalism and graffiti, recently.

Donald Trump tweets!

In this morning’s debate about the extraordinary overnight Twitter from Donald Trump to Theresa May I suggested that if Twitter were serious about stopping online hate crime they could start by disabling the First Citizen of the United States, just as they would any other citizen.

Pension Bill Consultation Launch

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on State Pension Inequality for Women wants to identify a solution that will address the ongoing concerns raised by groups representing 1950s born women affected by state pension changes.

WASPI motion - Passed!

I voted in favour of a motion in Parliament to give 1950's WASPI women better transitional arrangements. Whilst the motion was passed, I am afraid, it is not a binding motion on the Government. However it does keep the pressure on and the issue alive.

GTR Franchise to be Broken Up

The Government have announced today that they will be splitting up the Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise in 2021, and consulting on a new West of England franchise.

Lancing Beach Green Vandalism: Update

Thanks to all those who came to the special police briefing on Lancing Beach​ Green. There were some really helpful ideas and information. I am pleased that the police have responded to local residents' concerns on this issue.

Worthing College meeting

I was delighted to visit Worthing College, along with my parliamentary colleague and constiteuncy neighbour, Sir Peter Bottomley, to students studying politics about the role of an MP.