Herald Column: May 14

I have given my take on the Prime Minister’s announcement about the gradual relaxation of lockdown restrictions in my weekly constituency video and on social media.

Weekly look ahead: 12th May

My weekly video where I discuss the updated lockdown guidance, the Agriculture Bill, the introduction of my 'Coronavirus Community Champion Award' and much more.

Letter to the Prime Minister

I have written a joint letter to the Prime Minister regarding aviation sector support as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read the attached letter below.

Herald Column: May 7

This week I was asked by a Southwick primary school pupil a series of questions for a school project. The first question mentioned that her school was having a ‘good news’ themed week and asked me for any examples of good news in Adur.

Weekly look ahead: 6th May

This week I discuss the lockdown, COVID-19 testing centres in Sussex, my reaction to the news from BA and Virgin and details about VE Day.


Herald Column: April 30

This week I ventured back briefly to an eerily deserted Westminster having been selected to take part in the debate on the Domestic Abuse Bill and to ask a question at Prime Minister’s Question time, without falling foul of the broadband cutting out and turning my speech into Dalek speak.

Weekly look ahead: 29th April

Back in Westminster, my weekly look ahead. I discuss the Home Affairs Select Committee meeting with the Home Secretary Priti Patel, the second reading of the 'Domestic Abuse Bill', frustrations with certain people flouting the lockdown restrictions and more.

Domestic Abuse Bill

It was a privilege to speak in the second reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill on Tuesday, back in the chamber of the House of Commons.