Sussex Bangladeshi Caterers Association awards

It was a unique way to end Remembrance Sunday when I was invited to attend the Sussex Bangladeshi Caterers Association Chef of the Year Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner at the Assembly Hall in Worthing and present an award.

Remembrance Day 2018

The common observation from all the Remembrance Day commemorations held locally and nationally was that the crowds had never been bigger and it was particularly uplifting to see so many young people turn out.

Herald column November 8th 2018

The chances of successfully steering a Private Member's Bill through all its labyrinthine Parliamentary stages are usually quite slim, and MPs usually keep it simple sticking to one main theme to bring about a change in the law.

Digital Services Tax

I want to thank all those constituents who have written to me about the Digital Services Tax, or the so-called "Amazon Tax".

Herald column November 1st 2018

The big news of the week was of course the Budget on Monday, apparently the first Budget to be held on a Monday since 1962, when I was born. It was a longer than usual Budget with a lot of detail and overall some pretty good news for a whole range of people.

Poppy Ride 2018

Cycled a respectable 2.77km in 5 mins as part of Industry & Parliament Trust’s Poppy Ride 2018. The IPT’s annual Poppy Ride sets out to raise funds and awareness for Poppy Appeal & the centenary year of the end of the First World War. #ThankYou100 #IPTPoppyRide #PoppyAppeal

Thoughts on Prime Minister's negotiations, People's Vote & Brexit

It has been a roller-coaster last few weeks on the Brexit front and I have received a great many emails from constituents asking me to support a People's Vote, to support the Prime Minister and to "just get on with it" and leave, as well as everything in between!