My thoughts on the Autumn Statement

This afternoon, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, delivered the Autumn Statement 2015 and explained the decisions he had taken following the Comprehensive Spending Review. Please do watch my podcast for an in-depth look at today’s announcements.

Why I support military action in Syria

ISIL only understands the language of violence, so we need - I am afraid - to robustly to counter them on a military level to rid the world of this absolute scourge. So when we do have a vote in the coming weeks, as it stand now, I will be voting to step up military action in Syria, hopefully alongside other nations, including Russia, and with a UN mandate do deal with this evil violence once and for all.

English Votes for English Laws - EVEL is Good

EVEL will make the system much fairer by allowing only English MPs to vote on English matters. That is a manifesto commitment made and a manifesto commitment honoured.

Equal Civil Partnerships - My 10 Minute Rule Bill

On 21 October 2016. I presented my 10 Minute Rule Bill, which garnered widespread cross-bench support, to extend Civil Partnerships to opposite-sex couples, thereby correcting the glaring inequality in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

Why I am against the ‘tampon tax’

In this video, I explain why I am against the ‘tampon tax’ and why it is one of the EU’s worst examples of sexual discrimination.