Herald Column April 19th 2018

Parliament returned from the Easter recess on Monday and not surprisingly our proceedings were dominated by events in Syria over the weekend.

West Sussex MPs meet new Education Secretary

Reporting back on the meeting between West Sussex MPs and the new Education Secretary, Damain Hinds, as promised, continuing the fight to secure additional funding for our schools in West Sussex.

Military Action in Syria

The recent military strike on President Assad's chemical weapon capabilities in Syria has caused a lot of debate and a number of residents have contacted me either supporting the decision or opposing it.

House of Commons - Syria debate

During today's debate on Syria we heard Mr Corbyn speak at length about processes, I believe that the children who have been gased in Syria are not interested in process they're interested in action.

Reaction to ICO

"I have received no notification from the ICO about any complaint against me let alone the nature of the complaint or what they have done about it.

Herald column April 12th 2018

We have some great residents’ associations and special interest groups around the constituency which usually meet during the week and invariably I miss them when I am at Westminster. So I have been using the opportunity of the Easter recess to catch up on some of them.

WASPI Update

I wanted to provide an update on three important WASPI topics: 1) WASPI Bill in Parliament 2) WASPI survey 3) WASPI meeting in Parliament