Why I support military action in Syria

After the atrocities in Paris just last week, the subject of upping military action against ISIL in the Middle East has come to the top of the pile. It is likely the Prime Minister will come back to the House of Commons in the next few weeks to try and get a vote in support of the RAF joining strikes in Syria.

We had a similar vote in the House of Commons a couple of years ago, which I did not support at the time and I abstained. I feel two years ago it was not clear what the political and military objective was and we could have ended up giving military support to anti-Assad factions, which turned out to be ISIL.

However the situation has now changed. ISIL is now very clearly the enemy. This is not just a Middle Eastern conflict. Paris showed that the tentacles of terrorism are now extending to Western European cities, meaning London and the United Kingdom are now in the frame.

It is imperative that we now act. I think we should be supporting the Kurdish Peshmerga, who have been helping the fightback on the ground, with air strikes. We can't afford not to.

ISIL only understands the language of violence, so we need - I am afraid - to robustly to counter them on a military level to rid the world of this absolute scourge. So when we do have a vote in the coming weeks, as it stand now, I will be voting to step up military action in Syria, hopefully alongside other nations, including Russia, and with a UN mandate do deal with this evil violence once and for all.