Delighted to have handed in cross-party #Waspi APPG Bill with colleagues yesterday. The Bill is being presented today. The fight continues #NotGoingAway.

The Bill is titled ‘Pensions (Review of Women’s Arrangements) (No. 2)’ will seek to undertake costings for a compensation scheme, and review the current pension arrangements for WASPI women.

The Bill is what is known as a Presentation Bill and can be tabled at any time by a MP. They are usually debated on a Friday when all other business has been completed. If the Bill finds time to be debated then we can once more raise this issue in the House of Commons chamber and continue to put pressure on the Government to act to right this wrong. 

Unfortunately given the amount of legislation Parliament has to get through, the Bill is not due to be debated until 27 April 2018 so quite a wait. In the meantime we will continue to work tirelessly to get the government to listen to the concerns of WASPI women. 

You can see the details of the Bill here: https://services.parliament.uk/bills/2017-19/pensionsreviewofwomensarrangementsno2.html