TRAINS! - Fare Increases

TRAINS! Just when you think you have seen it all, when you think you have read and seen just about everything possible, along comes an increase in train fares. An increase! AN INCREASE!

In a stunning "you could not actually write this" turn of events, the Government announced that fares would in fact be going up by 3.2% in line with inflation. Now train fares have been frozen meaning fares are only increased by inflation but I cannot fathom after such an appaling service over the last months and years, GTR can really believe they warrant a fare increase.

I have written to Chris Grayling, the Secretary of State for Transport, along with my Sussex parliamentary colleagues, calling on him to cancel the fare increase.

The news of this fare increase follows month after month of awful customer service, cancelled and overcrowded trains and lengthy delays.

The quicker the Glaister Review (independent report into the new timetable introduction) reports back the better, I cannot see at this stage what the review could possibly find that would convince me that GTR deserve to keep their franchise. It should be stripped from them now and a competent firm put in charge.