Meeting Saying Goodbye Ambassador Kym Marsh to discuss Stillbirths

I was delighted to welcome Andy Clark-Coates, co-founder of Saying Goodbye - along with his wife, Zoe, who was unable to attend today - and Saying Goodbye Ambassador, Kym Marsh to discuss my Private Member's Bill, which will look to change the way stillbirths are registered.

I was pleased my Labour colleague in Parliament, Sharon Hodgson MP, who gave such a powerful speech during the Second Reading of my Bill, was able to attend too. Both she and Kym have first-hand experience of the injustice of late term stillbirths, where a child, who is stillborn and whose mother has gone through all the tribulations of pregnancy and giving birth, is not recognised in the eyes of the state unless born over 24 weeks. I hope we can all work together to find a solution to this injustice.