Fur Free Britain

On Monday there were two pieces of good animal welfare news:

1) the Government's Ivory Bill passed through the House of Commons unopposed. The Bill will ban the trade in ivory in the UK and introduction strong sanction, such as heavy fines, against anyone breaking the ban

2) there was a debate in Westminster Hall on the cruel fur trade, which I had the opportunity to speak in. Even though the UK has banned the fur farming in the UK, there are still products being imported from fur farms abroad. There was complete agreement that the practice was cruel.

I've included some footage from Humane Society International - UK, who kindly allowed me to use some of their video content - you can see the full footage here: https://newsroom.humanesociety.org/vi... - **Warning, it is quite graphic** The fur trade is cruel and the farming is utterly horribly and devastating. I cannot imagine any of us want to see animals treated so inhumanely.

I will be supporting calls for the government to strengthen the law against the fur trade and to work with partners abroad to help put an end to this cruel practice.