E.ON reminds people who qualify for Affordable Warmth to check if they can get support with home insulation and boilers

With temperatures expected to plummet this week, E.ON is reminding people to check if they can take advantage of its offers on cavity wall insulation and brand new, efficient boilers via the Affordable Warmth scheme.

Pay £240 for a new boiler if your boiler is broken or faulty

E.ON is offering homeowners who qualify under the Government-led Affordable Warmth scheme the opportunity to purchase a replacement A-rated gas boiler for only £240 (including VAT)1 if their current boiler is faulty or broken, a saving of around £2,000 off the typical cost of a new fully installed gas boiler2.

The replacement gas boilers are available for homeowners who are in receipt of certain benefits or have someone living with them who is. The offer is available to both E.ON and non E.ON customers.

Free cavity wall and loft insulation

Homeowners who qualify under the Affordable Warmth scheme can also apply to E.ON for free cavity wall and loft insulation. By installing both measures a typical household could save a further £2753 a year on their heating bills.

Get up to £1,000 towards the cost of replacing your old inefficient gas boiler4 if your boiler works, but is inefficient 

Homeowners with properties that have cavity walls which have not been insulated, could get £1,000 off the cost of a new boiler, plus free cavity wall insulation under the Affordable Warmth scheme.

How to spot an inefficient boiler

An inefficient boiler is old, generally installed before 2005 and it’ll have a metal or ceramic flue (exhaust pipe). Energy efficient, A-rated boilers have a plastic flue.

To be eligible for Affordable Warmth, you need to be a homeowner and you, or someone living with you, needs to be claiming certain benefits.

For more information about the offers and the eligibility criteria please visit eonenergy.com/affordablewarmth