Clause 37 Brexit Bill Explained

Last week the Brexit Bill finished its stages in the House of Commons - with a 99 majority - and will now move to the House of Lords before becoming law and enabling us to leave the EU at the end of  this month with a deal. Getting Brexit done.

I’ve had a lot of correspondence from relieved constituents, delighted that we can deliver Brexit and concentrate on our key domestic priorities. I’ve also had a few concerned constituents get in touch about ‘Clause 37’ of the Brexit Bill - focussing on family reunion for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

Having visited refugee camps in Jordan with Lord Dubs, I have met and spoken to Syrian refugees fleeing war and persecution and I have seen first-hand the importance of family reunification schemes. Government policy has not changed on this matter and this will be addressed in the forthcoming Immigration Bill, which is a far more suitable piece of legislation for these schemes to be attached to. It is regrettable that opposition parties have engaged in blatant political posturing to attempt to smear the Government by attaching these amendments to the Brexit Bill, which despite the clear mandate delivered by the British public at the General Election, they still refuse to support. I hope this video clarifies our position.