Children Commissioner's report on child sexual abuse

This morning in the Commons, I chaired the launch of the Children Commissioner's report on child sexual abuse. This is an important and sobering report, which I would implore you all to read.

Based on the data examined by the Commissioner, it is likely that only 1 in 8 victims of sexual abuse come to the attention of the police and children's services. Between April 2012 and March 2014, police and local authorities found 50,000 cases of abuse. The report's findings suggest the actual number was up to 450,000, with 85% of cases missed, particularly within families where 2/3 of the cases unfortunately occur. These are quite shocking statistics, each one representing a failure to protect the most vulnerable.

We still have a long way to go, so it is very important that we continue to produce important work of this kind in order to raise the profile of child sexual abuse. We must also continue to work toward more joined up agencies, greater therapeutic intervention and finally enabling prosecution.

I encourage you to read the report.

You can read the full report here:

Alternatively, you can read a helpful summary here: