Westminster News

BBC - Child Abuse Inquiry Resignations - 16-11-2016

The resignations from the inquiry into child sexual abuse have been unhelpful and have distracted from the very important work of the inquiry. What is needed now is for the inquiry to be transparent about what has happened in the past and for politicians to allow them to get on with their work.

BBC News - Dame Lowell Goddard Letter - 08-11-2016

Dame Lowell Goddard, the former head of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), has said she will not appear before the Home Affairs Select Committee to answer questions about her time in charge.

Sikyong of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile visits Parliament

Tibet has suffered greatly and as Chairman of the Parliamentary All Party Tibet Group I took great pleasure in welcoming the Sikyong of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile to Westminster where he addressed MPs and met the Speaker.

Tim Loughton MP backs call for urgent action on child rights

Tim Loughton MP (East Worthing and Shoreham) has joined forces with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Children’s Commissioner for England and the Children’s Rights Alliance for England to call for swift action from the UK Government in response to the latest report from the UN Committ

Defibrillator Champions

Every single year in the UK, 30,000 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. Sadly, just less than 1-in-10 survive. It’s time to take action.

As part of European Restart a Heart Day I visited The Oliver King Foundation at their launch event in Westminster to show support.

Presentation from a WASPI woman - A Solution?

Two presentations from a WASPI women; the first video sets the scene and sets out the adverse effects the State Pension Age (SPA) changes introduced by the 1995 and 2011 Pensions Acts are already having on 1950s-born women just three years into the ten year timetable.

Presenting WASPI Petition to Parliament

It was a pleasure to present a petition on behalf of the residents of East Worthing and Shoreham in support of the WASPI women. There was a fantastic spectacle in House of Commons as members of all parties present over 90 petitions on behalf of WASPI campaign from around the country