Speeches in Parliament

Westminster Hall - Unaccompanied Children - 19-04-2016

During a Westminster Hall debate on unaccompanied child refugees, I raised concerns about the rights of unaccompanied child refugees when the become adults (18), particularly if they have been in care. 

House of Commons - Academisation - 13-04-2016

Asking the Secretary of State of Education, the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan, if she could outline the downsides of imposing a compulsory and arbitrary timeline on schools to become academies.

Westminster Hall - Performance of Southern Railway (GTR)

During yesterday's Westminster Hall debate on the performance of Southern Rail (GTR), which was well attended by West Sussex MPs, I explained how this is one of the single biggest annoyances in our constituencies at the moment.

House of Commons - Child Refugees in Calais

During a recent Urgent Question on child refugees in Calais, I strongly welcome the considerable efforts that the Government have made to keep children and families together close to places where many of the refugees come from, such as Syria.

House of Commons - WASPI Debate

Following today's debate, I hope the Government can open up a dialogue with WASPI because we are talking about real women facing real hardship, after hard working lives doing the sort of things we encourage our constituents to do every day of the week

Home Affairs Select Commitee - Calais Border

Watch me enable Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire MP, to admit in today's Home Affairs Select Committee that there is no link between Brexit and the ending of the 'Treaty of Le Touquet', which effectively establishes our borders in Calais. 

House of Commons - Yemen Debate

I spoke in the Chamber yesterday, during the debate on the civil war in Yemen, drawing attention to the tragic fact that about half of all children in Yemen are not in education. These children need to have some continuity in their education and if we do not have the future in mind for those children, the future of the whole country is perilous.