Speeches in Parliament

House of Commons - Transport Questions

After an initial bout of confusion on the front bench, the Minister was able to answer my question on the Government's plans for improvements to the A27.

House of Commons - DWP Questions - WASPI

I asked the Minister about his odd comments on apprenticeships for 60 year old and encouraged him to meet the WASPI women as soon as possible to find how we can fund transitional measures and what they might look like.

Westminster Hall - WASPI Debate

As co-chair of the soon to be re-established All-Party Parliamentary Group for WASPI, I took part in today's packed Westminster Hall debate on #WASPI. The sheer number of MPs present is a sign of the growing strength of the campaign.

House of Commons - PMQs Religious Symbols - 15-03-2017

I asked the Prime Minister at PMQs about the European Court of Justice's ridiculous ruling that employers can ban their staff from wearing religious symbols and whether she agreed with me that freedom of expression must never be snuffed out by insidious political correctness. 

House of Commons - Child and Social Work Bill - 07-03-2017

Having had experience of children’s Bills over the past 15 years or so, I find it interesting that they have a propensity to be hijacked by things not present on Second Reading that then become the headline in the final stages.