Speeches in Parliament

New Train Timetable Chaos

I am sure I speak on behalf of thousands of commuters in Sussex when I say this must be the end of line for the GTR franchise. The recent chaos caused by the new train timetables has brought the epic catastrophe that is GTR back in the news headlines.

Military Action in Syria

The recent military strike on President Assad's chemical weapon capabilities in Syria has caused a lot of debate and a number of residents have contacted me either supporting the decision or opposing it.

House of Commons - Syria debate

During today's debate on Syria we heard Mr Corbyn speak at length about processes, I believe that the children who have been gased in Syria are not interested in process they're interested in action.

PMQs - Train Compensation

At Prime Minister's Questions, I asked the Prime Minister why train operating companies should benefit financial from failing to deliver a decent service when it is commuters who have to deal with the hassle of delays and cancellations.

Twitter - Hate Speech - Home Affairs Select Committee

During a session of Home Affairs Selection Committee, as part of our enquiry into hate crime, I questioned Twitter's Sinead McSweeney about the #KillaTory trend on Twitter and why it hadn't been taken down since it was clearly against their policy which sought to protect people from hate crime.

Legal Aid - Shoreham Airshow Crash - Justice Questions

Today in UK Parliament I asked the Justice Minister whether it can be right that the families of the victims of the Shoreham Airshow crash - largest loss of civilian life since 7/7 - may be the only people at the inquest without legal representation of the inquest not year, particularly when the

Donald Trump tweets!

In this morning’s debate about the extraordinary overnight Twitter from Donald Trump to Theresa May I suggested that if Twitter were serious about stopping online hate crime they could start by disabling the First Citizen of the United States, just as they would any other citizen.

Child Sexual Exploitation - Prime Minister Questions

As Home Secretary, the Prime Minister was one of the first to appreciate the alarming extent of child sexual exploitation. She responded to calls from many, including from me when I was Children's Minister, to set up the historic abuse inquiry.