I'm voting Leave to have an independent and positive future

I am going to Vote Leave so that we can have an independent and positive future, where politicians are accountable to people in the UK and can decide how best to spend money in the interest of British people, and so that we can trade with people around the world, be outward looking, and not held back by the many regulations and restrictions of the EU.

EU Referendum Declaration

For the past few months many of you have asked repeatedly how I will vote in the EU referendum. My response enigmatically perhaps, but accurately, has been ‘hopefully to remain but probably to leave.’ Having reserved my counsel until the details of what we will actually be voting on have been made clear, my ‘status’ has now changed to ‘regretfully not to remain, definitely to leave.’

GTR Performance Update: Monday 8th Feb - Friday 12th Feb

Southern's performance was a little better than the previous week. Although the Gatwick Express line again saw heavy disruption on Monday and Friday, whilst Monday was a particularly bad day with no fewer than 327 journeys delay be 30 minutes or more and over 1100 delayed by more than 5 minutes.

Latest Herald Column - 11 February 2016

I had a very busy constituency Friday dealing with everything from Lancing sewage spills to restrictions on catching Sea Bass and the UK Youth Parliament’s anti-racism campaign. That’s just the way I like it.

GTR Performance Update: Monday 1st Feb - Friday 5th Feb

Here I have grouped together Southern's performance charts from the last week from which you will see that Monday was particularly bad with Gatwick Express - 57% of its trains were delayed, whilst 26% were either more than 30 minutes late or cancelled.

My reaction to the Prime Minister's EU renegotiation

I wanted to give a brief update on the ‪EU renegotiations‬. This week the Prime Minister, David Cameron, came back from intensive negotiations with his colleagues in Europe and the President of the Council of the European Union, Donald Tusk, and put forward a set of draft proposals for a renegotiated relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU. 

Latest Herald Column - 28 January 2016

Last Monday’s meeting in the Commons between about 20 Sussex and South London MPs, Rail Minister Claire Perry, Southern Rail (Now GTR), Network Rail and a cast of thousands was certainly a lively start to the Parliamentary week.