Gough Island

The UK's Overseas Territories have an extensive contribution to make to the world's biodiversity. I have been assured that the Government cherishes their environments and works in partnership with their governments, which retain responsibility for conservation, to identify how to support them most effectively.

The UK provides access to expertise, technical advice and training, and through the Overseas Territory Environment and Climate Fund, also known as Darwin Plus, it has committed around £5.2 million to help protect the natural environments in the Overseas Territories since 2012.

I understand that the most serious threat to wildlife on Gough Island is from predation by house mice on chicks of the Tristan albatross and Atlantic petrel. Before the launch of Darwin Plus the Government had already committed over £500,000 to help eradicate mice from the Island, much of which was contributed to the RSPB's eradication programme. Subsequently the UK has provided over £82,000 to assess the conservation status of the endangered Atlantic yellow-nosed albatross throughout the archipelago of Tristan da Cunha.

I would commend the RSPB's work to help protect and restore Gough Island's rich natural environment, and I am proud that the Government is playing its part in assisting these important efforts.