Equality and Human Rights Commission Budget Changes

The EHRC undertakes exceptionally important work, ensuring that we live in a country that upholds people's rights, values diversity and challenges intolerance. I can assure you that it will continue in this vital role. 

It is important to note that the EHRC is an independent organisation, and so makes its own decisions about the allocation of its resources. This is also true for its procedures for planning changes to its staffing against its business needs, which it sets out in its one-year Business Plan and three-year Strategic Plan. 

The EHRC will consult widely, and listen to the views of partners and critics, when it comes to developing its Strategic Plan for 2016-19. As a result it will continue to deliver its mandate to challenge discrimination, and protect and promote equality and human rights. 

I can assure you that the EHRC has, and will continue to have, sufficient funds to enable it to fulfil its statutory functions. Ministers have been very clear on this point, and I do not believe, therefore, that the central mission of the EHRC will suffer. As now, the EHRC will continue to support people in individual cases where there are of strategic significance, for example in clarifying the relevant law. Advice for individuals more generally is available from the Equality Advisory and Support Service, which is also funded by the Government.