Weekly Videos, Herald Column and Eco-Tips

On this page you can find my weekly column that I write for the Worthing Herald, with my reflections on the week's events in Westminster and in the constituency. I also film a video update from Westminster detailing the events of the week ahead, as well as reaction to any developments that have occured in the previous week. You can find all previous videos below, and please do continue to check my Facebook for the uploads every Monday:


I've also started to include a 'Tim's Eco-Tip' feature in my weekly video, many thanks to everyone that has written in suggesting ideas, please keep them coming! I'll update this list each week with the new addition.

  • 18th June     Unplug phone chargers when not in use to save energy and avoid this 'energy vampire'
  • 24th June    Download 'Refill' App and find local water refill stations to cut down on plastic water bottles
  • 1st July        Check recycling instructions carefully on your bottles - they may need to be taken apart to be recycled!
  • 8th July       Are your tea-bags biodegradable? Use loose-leaf tea if you can!
  • 16th July     Use www.recyclenow.com to find where you can recycle your batteries. 
  • 22nd July   Plant a wildflower meadow to encourage pollination in your garden!
  • 1st August   Use a wormery at home to get high quality compost!
  • 7 August     Make sure your central heating isn't set above 19 degrees
  • 13 August  Try and use bars of soap over plastic bottles
  • 28 August   Avoid a tumble-dryer if possible - hang up your clothes!
  • 3 September Download my 'Guide to Going Green' (Available HERE)
  • 10 September Alternative usage for coffee grounds!
  • 1 October    Try using 'eco-friendly' recycled stationary




Weekly look ahead: 17th February

A shorter weekly video than usual as this week Parliament is in recess - discussing Storm Dennis, the very successful inaugural ‘Make Britain Breakfast Again’ and the latest developments on coronavirus. Apologies about the video quality!

Herald Column: February 13

With so much going on at Westminster again I try to cram as much into my constituency Fridays as possible and last Friday was no exception.

Weekly look ahead: 11th February

Giving my reaction to the HS2 announcement (and funding going into improving cycle routes), our Sussex Kelp forests, school funding, rail works and an update on ‘Make Britain Breakfast Again’ in my weekly video.

Herald Column: February 6

We are very lucky to have Worthing Homes in charge of our social housing in and around Worthing. As we were reminded during their 20th birthday celebrations last year, they are more than just a landlord and provide many other services to help improve the lives of local people and their families.

Weekly look ahead: 4th February

My first post-Brexit weekly video - discussing my meeting with Worthing Homes, e-scooters, Grove Lodge Roundabout finally being resurfaced, talking to WASPI women later this week and much more.

Herald Column: January 30

Thank you to all those who have already responded to my ‘Make Britain Breakfast Again’ idea. It looks as though we have a good few interesting breakfast discussions ahead but I could do with a few more Remainers on board to get a true balance.

Weekly look ahead: 28th January

I discuss Holocaust Memorial Day, tree-planting in Southwick and other Westminster and Constituency events in my weekly video.

Herald Column: January 23

This week the Queen’s Speech passed through Parliament by a majority of 87 – very different from the defeats facing the Government before the election and now we can get our ambitious programme through Parliament. There is a rundown of the main measures in my constituency e-newsletter.

Weekly look ahead: 21st January

Discussing the RSPB #BigGardenBirdWatch event, Cllr Paul Mansfield’s sock donation campaign, parliamentary business and the reforming of APPGs (including the Mindfulness and 1950s State Pension Inequality for Women groups) in my weekly video.

Herald Column: January 16

Last Thursday the Brexit Bill passed its final stages in the House of Commons with a majority of 99 votes. In all my near 23 years in Parliament I have never been on the Government winning side by such a margin.