Proposed Sompting West Development

Local residents will have heard rumours about plans by Sompting Estates to develop 520 new houses with Persimmon Homes on the land they own on the west side of Sompting. At the time of writing, no formal proposal had been submitted to Adur Council and the developers are claiming they have already consulted local people, siting an exhibition at the Harriet Johnson Centre on October 10th, although trouble is most local residents knew nothing about it! You can read more about the proposals here:

The proposals include a community farm and orchard, nature trail, holiday business and playing fields. But the major concern of local residents is, of course, how on earth are we going to deal with all the extra traffic, especially if it goes through the village.

This is the largest development in Sompting for some time and follows hard on the heels of the controversial New Monks Farm proposals in Lancing, which have yet to go before the Planning Committee. It is vital therefore that local residents are fully engaged with what is being proposed and have their voices heard. If and when the plans are submitted and go live everyone needs to have their say by submitting your views to the Adur Planning Committee.

Sompting Conservatives, together with local MP Tim Loughton, will be making sure that Sompting residents have every opportunity to engage with the proposals, certainly much better than the developers have done to date. To that end we have produced a comprehensive survey which is being delivered to every Sompting letterbox and which you can fill in below. 

From the start we have set out three criteria that would need to be satisfied before the development could be considered and this needs to be see in the context of the lack of building space in Adur outside of the National Park and the shortage of affordable housing.

  • The development should be able to show why it would benefit the existing residents – jobs, environmental impact, additional amenities etc.
  • How many of the proposed new homes will be genuinely affordable and how can local people and their families be given preferential allocation?
  • Can the current infrastructure and especially the transport infrastructure cope with the significant increase in traffic or will the village simply grind to a halt?

West Sompting

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1.1. How were you made aware of the plans?
1.2. Do you feel the developers have given you enough information/consulted enough?
1.3. Overall how do you feel about the development?
1.4. What do you think about the number of houses proposed in the plans?
1.5. Are you confident that the A27 can accommodate additional traffic?
1.9. How could the mix of houses be improved?
1.10 Which THREE of these local issues do you think should be prioritised locally ?


Sompting West Public Meeting

Thank you to all those who came along to my public meeting at Sir Robert Woodard Academy on January 25th and I am grateful to Adur Planning officer James Appleton who answered most of the questions as well as ward councillors Brian Boggis and George Barton.

Sompting Courier: Proposed Sompting West development update

I have out delivering our latest survey in Sompting, which deals with the Sompting West development proposals. Many local residents have already filled this in online and as with the excellent New Monks Farm survey response we will be presenting the findings to the Planning Committee again.