New Monks Farm Development

Please fill in the survey below to let me know your thoughts on this important issue.

New Monks Farm Development

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    New Monks Farm Development
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1.2. Do you feel the developers have given you enough information/consulted enough?
1.3. Overall how do you feel about the development?
1.7. What do you think about the number of houses proposed in the plans?
I.e. more/fewer affordable units, more/fewer rented units, etc.
1.9. Do you think that a new school should be built next to the A27 as part of the plans or would it be better to redirect the funds to expanding schools elsewhere and use the space for something else?
1.10. Do you support the inclusion of an IKEA superstore on the site?
1.11. Are you confident that the A27 can accommodate additional traffic from customers?
1.12. Have you had any trouble insuring your current property due to flood risk?
1.13. Have you had any problems with flooding or sewer failure with your property?


New Monks Farm Development Update

Brighton and Hove Albion have submitted updated plans for their proposed New Monks Farm development, which were originally submitted in the summer. The revised application includes:

New Monks Farm Development Update

I am very grateful for the over 800 local residents who completed our recent survey on the controversial development proposals for New Monks Farm in Lancing.

Results of New Monks Farm Survey

Thank you to all those who filled in my survey on New Monks Farm - there was a fantastic response and I have submitted the results as part of my contribution to the public consultation.

Herald column October 5th 2017

Thank you to all those Lancing residents who returned the survey we delivered from door to door across the village about the proposed New Monks Farm development.

Tim Loughton MP - New Monks Farm Public Meeting

The public meeting I held recently to discuss the proposed development of New Monks Farm was absolutely packed. It was as you can imagine a very contentious meeting and Martin Perry from Brighton & Hove Albion FC answered a number of questions.