The events immediately following the result of the EU referendum were momentous and will shape the future of our country for years to come.

Against all the odds and certainly against expectations of the government and the markets the British people decided that, after 43 years as a member of the EU, it was no longer for us.

I hear that message and respect and agree with that decision, and the Government must too. In my constituency, the margin of the vote to Leave was higher than the national figure at around 55%-45%. With a turnout of 72% of the British public, which was the highest in a UK-wide election since 1992, 17,410,742 people voting Leave – the biggest vote in British history for anything – and with all the regions of the UK voting to ‘Leave’ outside London, Scotland and Northern Ireland, it was a solid endorsement. 

Regardless of your position on the Leave/Remain question, this was certainly a victory for democracy and I hope that this level of engagement on important political issues can be maintained in the future.


Brexit’s coming home? - initial response to Chequer's agreement

Once a week, usually on a Wednesday at 5pm, the 1922 Committee of Conservative MPs meets in Committee Room 14 at the House of Commons. After discussing the upcoming business of the House we usually have a cabinet minister to talk us through topical legislation and take friendly fire.

Taking back control of our waters

Today, the Government set out its plan for how the UK will take back control of our waters and ensure stocks are fished sustainably.

EU Withdrawal Bill - Update

I have put together a video to update constituents on the latest developments with the EU Withdrawal Bill and an explanation of why I voted to dismiss the Lords' amendments.

#DespiteBrexit: GlaxoSmithKline staying put

Last week, Sir Peter Bottomley and I caught up with the Chairman and senior management of GlaxoSmithKline at a presentation in the Commons. Glaxo remains one of Worthing’s largest and longest standing employers.

Contract for the new UK passport

Thank you for those who emailed me regarding the recent announcement about the contract for the new UK passport.

Brexit Update: Refugees and Amendment 7

There was big furore last week following the vote on amendment 7, put down my colleague, Dominic Grieve, where the Government lost by four votes. I have lots of people asking whether this means Brexit will now no longer happen. This is not the case.

PM's open letter to EU citizens in the UK

Ahead of EU Council, Theresa May wrote directly to EU citizens in the UK.

As I travel to Brussels today, I know that many people will be looking to us – the leaders of the 28 nations in the European Union – to demonstrate we are putting people first.