Biphosphonates for Breast Cancer

I can assure you that the Government is committed to improving survival rates for people with cancer. 
I understand that national prescribing arrangements already allow for bisphosphonates to be prescribed for the treatment and prevention of secondary breast cancer. Decisions about the commissioning and funding of bisphosphonates for this use are rightly taken by local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) which are best placed to know what local need exists. 
The Manual for Prescribed Specialised Services 2016/17 describes which elements of specialised services are commissioned by NHS England and which by CCGs.  For specialist cancer services, the Manual makes clear that CCGs are responsible for commissioning adjuvant drug treatments, for example, drugs affecting bone metabolism including bisphosphonates.
I am aware that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is currently updating its advice to the NHS on the diagnosis and management of early and locally advanced breast cancer.  The use of bisphosphonates is included in its scope and will be considered as part of the update, which is expected in July 2018.