News Date: Monday 13th November 2006

Tim expresses anger at deplorable act of vandalism

East Worthing and Shoreham MP Tim Loughton has expressed outrage at the actions of an as yet unidentified vandal or vandals who daubed vicious graffiti on the war memorial in Worthing in the early hours of Saturday morning. The Remembrance Sunday service went ahead on Sunday but the outlines of the graffiti were still visible, provoking anger and disbelief among those attending the service and the local community.

Tim said:

"Seeing mention of Worthing in the national press is usually something I look forward to but sadly not so on this occasion. This was a horrible act, made all the more upsetting by its clear premeditation and the obvious determination of those behind it to cause maximum disruption to one of our most important local events.

"This was an act of pure malice and I would urge anyone who knows anything about it to come forward to the police to shop the perpetrators. These vandals have absolutely no place in Worthing or any other community and I re-iterate my call for anyone who knows anything to take a stand against their actions.

"Those who commit such offensive acts represent the absolute antithesis of all those we honour on Remembrance Sunday. This behaviour will not be tolerated and the cowards responsible should be treated with no less than the utter contempt they deserve"


Notes to Editor:

1) For more information, contact Tim Loughton MP's Westminster office on 020 7219 4471.

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