Yourspacewestsussex is an excellent website funded by West Sussex County Council which provides children with a wealth of information. If you are either looking for things to do or would advice on something, then you can find it all here. 


Electric Storm Youth

I am patron of Electric Storm Youth(ESY) which is a charity offering the young people of Adur a secure place to take part in constructive activities. ESY has done so much for the community of Lancing and I was delighted to hear that they have received planning permission to build a brand new facility on the former Freshbrook School Site right in the heart of Lancing.

E.Y.E. Project 

E.Y.E. stands for Eco, Young and Engaged. I set the project up for those young people that want to make a difference.

Its main purpose is to share best practice of how schools are already undertaking various sustainable innovations to reduce waste, increase recycling, maximise energy efficiency, etc, and how local communities, especially with schools, can be more environmental friendly. The website's sole purpose is to provide a central hub for children and schools to discuss and share ideas.

2011 saw the fourth annual Eco Summit which was held at Worthing High School. Local schools were invited along to demonstrate what plans they had put in place in order to reduce their carbon footprint. The Eco summit is growing larger every year and I was delighted to see how many children were interested and enthusiastic to engage in environmental best practice.  

C.A.R.E for developing countries

C.A.R.E stands for Collecting and Recycling Ecologically. This great scheme is based in Worthing and ships old computer equipment to Ghana where it is then reprogrammed and used by schools. This initiative is so beneficial to many people: Children in Ghanaian schools receive computer equipment, jobs are created through programming and computer training in Ghana and the people who donate their equipment are helping protect the environment.
So, if you have any old computer equipment lying around then please contact Jib Hagan and make a difference.


Talent Within You

Talent Within You is a charitable organisation set up to find talent within children and believes that every child has a talent no matter who they are or where they are from.

They help raise the profile of young talented children by promoting them throughout their local area. One of their most successful events is Worthing Idol- which I have had the pleasure of being a recurring judge. Some of the acts are truly excellent and it is credit to the charity and Cllr Vicky Vaughan for giving them the confidence to realise their potential.  


Parley Charity 

Parley is a charity which provides information and support to parents and relatives who have a child who has a long/short term medical condition, who has to undergo surgery or children with impairments or disabilities. Their main aim is to provide a network of support and information through sharing experiences and supplying useful links to other organisations.

Camelia Botnar Centre

The Children’s Centre is a registered charity which was founded by Octav and Marcela Botnar in memory of their daughter Camelia in 1979.

The children’s centre receives no state or external funding and is 100% reliant on donations. The future aim is to secure enough funding to expand and refurbish the centre and to evaluate the possibility of opening for 50 weeks of the year.

The centre was purpose built for pre-school children especially for those with special needs and from disadvantaged homes. Now the facilities are fully inclusive for all children from 2 months to 5 years, and are free of charge. There are four nursery groups with a high staff ratio of expertly trained nursery nurses ensuring each child receives individual attention. Children with social needs and long-term medical conditions such as epilepsy, asthma and cystic fibrosis are welcome at the centre which also has sensory rooms.




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