I am the President of the Ropetackle Centre which has created an Arts and Education Centre that provides local people with access to high quality film, art, music and theatre as well as education and training opportunities. Its auditorium can seat up to 200 people and does a great job of serving the surrounding area with quality entertainment.


Shoreham Fort

Shoreham Fort is rich in history and is one of the only two many small forts and gun batteries built along the coast of Southern England, during the past few centuries, to survive. The other one is Littlehampton fort.

Gary Baines and the Friends of Shoreham Fort are always hosting military history days which are great fun and very interesting. If you are interested in volunteering and helping out with Shoreham’s oldest attraction then you can contact them through their website.  


Shoreham Harbour Lifeboat

Shoreham’s lifeboat crew do a tremendous job in keeping local people safe from the sea’s harm. They are highly skilled in seamanship, first aid, sea survival and firefighting! What’s more they are all volunteers! The only full time worker is the mechanic whose job is to maintain the boats and make sure they are ready to go 24/7, 7 days a week.

Taking care of people out at sea is no cheap job. It costs over £1,000 to kit out a crew member and more than £1,200 each year to train them and keep their skills up to date. 

Shoreham's new RNLI lifeboat station consists of a larger boat hall, crew training room, proper drying facilities for wet crew kit, changing facilities and viewing platform for the public.

The RNLI is a charity and receives no funding from the UK government. If you would like to play apart in helping to keep the service there for everyone in the community you can find out more on their website.


Worthing Street Pastors

There is a team of very kind, selfless people who help keep Worthing clubbers and drinkers safe in their night of frivolities. Worthing Street Pastors began patrolling Worthing’s streets in mid January 2010.

Their scheme is an inter-denominational Church response to problems associated with young people drinking and clubbing in Worthing. It was introduced in Worthing to the Council’s Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership and was adopted as one of the Mayor of Worthing’s charities. The pastors patrol the streets of Worthing on weekends helping those in need of it.

If you would like to lend a hand to the pastors then for more information is on their website.

Worthing Lions

Worthing Lions Club is a Registered Charity and one small part of a worldwide family of Lions Clubs, which is made up of about one and a half million members, in more than 45,000 communities, around 200 countries and territories.

The Lions clubs consists of volunteers who try and make life better for others fuelled on a desire to live up to the Lions motto ‘We Serve.’


Worthing Online

Worthing online is an online resource centre that provides an excellent platform for local businesses to reach the local community as well as providing the local community with a list of resources that are available in Worthing.  

Find out more on their website


Canadian Roots UK 

I am patron of Canadian Roots UK which is a charity helping those fathered by Canadian Service men during World War 2 to trace their roots. Due to Canada’s privacy laws, it is difficult for people to find their long lost relatives. The man in charge is Chris Vowles and with his experience, and Grace his volunteer in Canada, he is able to follow up leads that other individuals are not able to.  This is a great idea as everyone should know who their family is, whatever age they are!

If you know of anyone who may benefit from this service then you can find out more on their website.



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